Tips For Residential Roofing

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Tips For Residential Roofing

A sound roof is crucial to every home as it plays a major role in keeping the house warm, dry, and safe. Roofs are expensive therefore the maintenance and repair of the roof should be done regularly to ensure durability and longevity.

Roofing is done to protect a building from sunlight, snow, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures by using materials and other needed construction to cover the top. There are different kinds of roofing and each type is determined by the purpose of the building. For instance, we have residential and commercial roofing. Residential roofing is often done for private houses.

The roof gives the house covering from rain, wind, snow, and other weather conditions that cause it to deteriorate more quickly. For residents in Middlefield Ohio and other locations, you will find that regular inspection helps to keep the roof in good shape. However, you need to find a good contractor that handles  roof repair in Middlefield Ohio if you want your roof to last long.

Types of Residential Roofing Material

One of the difficult choices to make in building a new house is selecting the right kind of roofing material. There is a wide range of options from asphalt, metal, ceramic tile to wood. More knowledge about these common types will aid the decision-making process. The common types of residential roofing are:

Asphalt Shingles

This is one of the most popular types, due to its economical and durable nature as it is known to last up to 20 years despite exposure to extreme temperatures. This makes it suitable for different weather conditions. Its waterproofing is also reliable and it comes in various colors and styles even though they are likely to fade. The shingle is equally very easy to install.

Ceramic Roofing Tiles

This tile is not only fireproof but does not fade and is very durable lasting over 50 years. It is however unsuitable for certain climates due to its fragility which also makes it prone to erosion. They can be damaged by walking on them or high winds.

Slate Roof Shingles

This sophisticated material is fire-resistant and does not rot. It lasts for up to 100 years and is easy to maintain. It is however expensive and the high level of expertise required for its installation is a disadvantage. They break easily and this creates a complication for not only rooftop maintenance but also cleaning the gutter.

Cedar Shake Roofs

They are durable and reliable for any weather condition due to their ability to withstand unbearable temperatures and capability to counter UV damage. Also suitable for people living in areas that witness hurricanes or heavy thunderstorms. They are considered environmentally friendly when made from recycled wood and acts as a natural insulator. It is however expensive and needs an experienced contractor for its installation

Metal Shingles

This type of roofing is suitable because it is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and requires low maintenance. It can easily be repainted to look brand new if its structure is in good condition. The installation of metal roofing however needs an experienced contractor. You can read more about metal roofing here:

How to Maintain Residential Roof

Ignoring signs of wear and damage to the roof can worsen its condition leading to costly reroofing. Immediate action should be taken when noticed to prevent further destruction to the material but proper maintenance will help prevent this from happening and save you the cost of replacement.

Constant Checks

Constantly check the condition of the roof especially after a hailstorm or heavy wind. Doing this helps to identify a problem early enough before it causes severe damages. Problems such as leaks, sagging ceilings, damaged gutters or shingles, and attic ceiling condensation can easily be fixed with early detection.

Trim Overgrown Branches

Branches should be 10 feet far to avoid gnawing and siding caused by squirrels and rodents when on the rooftop. High winds can also move branches to cause harm to shingles. Trimming the branches helps prevent all these and keeps moss and leaves away. This should however be done by a professional.

Remove Leaves

Nearby towering trees can cause leaves to be gathered on the rooftop or close to the chimney which can trap moisture and lead to decomposition. This can create an enabling environment for grasses to grow. A leaf blower can be used to remove dry leaves or a garden hose to wash off wet leaves. Avoid using a pressure washer as this will collect water under the shingles.

Remove Moss

Moss often traps water which is dangerous for roofs, products made mostly of potassium salts are effective in getting rid of it. Zinc strips are ideal for keeping moss away as it prevents its growth.

Gutter Cleaning

Clearing the gutters prevents problems associated with clogged gutters such as a wet basement or a siding with ruined paint. A blocked gutter causes the water to go upwards, entering the sheathing of the roof and causing the rafters to rot. Cleaning can be done every spring and fall.

Major Residential Roof Repairs

A damaged roof can cause serious problems for the entire structure, although proper maintenance can prevent this, repairing may be inevitable over time. Some of the common repairs carried out are.

Fascia Replacement

This is the part that secures and guards its lower edges. It is often crafted with strong wooden boards and serves as the roof’s first protection. When it comes in contact with water, it begins to mold, warp or rot thereby requiring change.

Shingle Replacement

Shingles are designed to guard against high winds, UV exposure, and water damage to the entire structure of the roof in addition to providing it with a unique style. A replacement becomes necessary when there are missing or broken ones.

Gutter repair

A clogged gutter due to debris inhibits the free flow of water and this leads to flooding. This can also cause the gutter to cave in because of the excess weight, or even lead to rotting and this requires an instant fix. Regular cleaning of the gutter is therefore required.

Flashing repairs 

Flashing is usually done with a tiny strip of metal to stop water from getting into the roof. A flash repair is often caused by negligence, improper installation, or using inferior material to save cost. Some roofing contractors may not know how to use zinc alloy to guide the water away from walls, chimneys, or other areas and this makes water enter. Hiring a professional is vital to prevent constant repairs such as this.


Repairs are better carried out as soon as they are noticed and on warm and dry days. This way, the shingles are not likely to crack. Minor damages or leaks should not be ignored as the tendency to degenerate to major damages is likely to occur. An experienced roofing contractor should be contacted during installation to avoid easy wear and tear, and also to suggest the right roof for your building.



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