Yuki – Notting Hill, London

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Details of the work:
Living in an old Victorian flat meant that we had very narrow rooms connected by an equally long and narrow corridor. We wanted to incorporate the kitchen with the neighboring bedroom, creating an open plan living space, and we wanted to widen our internal corridor. This required extensive structural work as we had to remove one wall and move another wall over by 40cm. The removal of the wall mandated that we install 5 beams into the ceiling to support the roof, a job that required 8 men to lift the beams up from the pavement to the 5th floor of the building!
In addition to the structural work, they also re-did our entire bathroom, including re-plumbing, and they astutely spotted the old pipes hiding behind the floors, which they swiftly replaced. They laid new wooden floor, re-plastered most of the flat and repainted everything.

How the work improved our home:
We can’t begin to describe how the work has made our home better. Financially, the cost of the investment has given us an uplift that is double the cost of the work. However, more importantly, the new layout and finishings has made this flat one that we can live in for more years to come, so much so that my fiance proposed in our new living room! The layout is fluid, the space feels bigger and the finishing is exquisite. Had we not done it, we would have had to have found a bigger and more modern flat.

Quality of the work:

The quality of the work is flawless. Not only does everything look perfect but from the many conversations we have had throughout the process, we were able to appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that went in behind our walls and floors. The flat is flawless: they have acute attention to detail and because they take a lot of pride in their work, they really went out of their way to suggest how to make things better in the flat and we went for it because they were right.

Quality of the service:
The work they did was impeccable but what made them even more valuable was their service.  This was our first foray into dealing with builders. We were very apprehensive because people tend to wince when they hear the word “builders” but we can’t thank Avalon enough for making our first experience a great one. Even a perfect one.
Beginning from our first call, Steve Smith, the project manager, was helpful, reliable and available. He came to our first meeting with a company brochure, a business card and took extensive notes of the job. What was very re-assuring was Steve’s can-do attitude – nothing was a problem. Other builders we met frowned and sighed then said “That will cost money…”. Soon after Steve provided us with a fair estimate, we met Steve and Miros at a second meeting and feeling thoroughly confident in their ability, Avalon began work on the date we specified.  The builders on site were led by Ivan, the foreman, who was a quiet and smiley guy. Everyone was polite, kind and kept the flat very clean. Even our structural engineer was impressed by how neat they were. We were so confident and comfortable with their work that we stayed out of their way – we only went back to the flat on the weekends to marvel at the transforming flat. Steve and Miros were always available – they replied immediately to all texts and emails and kept us up to date with the project. They kept an online profile so we could log in and see the progress of the flat. What was very impressive and a mark of true professionalism was their ability to never give us a problem but to always give us a solution. Being such an old building, issues were inevitable but they handled us so well that we did not get stressed. They would tell us the issue, offer a solution and give us an estimate and we would approve. A few times we didn’t even know there was a problem until after they had already solved it. They even handled our neighbors respectfully where we had uncovered an old problem that affected the flat below us. They did not have to deal with it but they went above and beyond and fixed the problem and managed our neighbors very well. Lastly, they finished the work 3 working days over schedule, which is nothing. It was impressive they were keeping up the pace in the first place!

Would we recommend you?

I would recommend Avalon on any given day and twice on Sunday. I would never risk going with anyone else. Why? It’s not worth it. We enjoyed working with them so much that we were almost sad to see them go. We’re so glad we have their number because like any homeowner knows, one’s home is never done.

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