Pamela Morley – Knightsbridge, London

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1. Why did you choose Avalon to do this work?
I chose Avalon’s quote after interviewing their Project Manager and speaking to their referees.  I felt confident they would give a professional service.

2. What did you think of our original Quotation and Price?
Their price was more competitive than that given by the bathroom designers’ Fired Earth and they were able to carry out a number of other decorating and electrical jobs in my flat.  Also, they were able to offer very attractive terms.

3. Were you happy with the Quality of the work? 
   All the work was carried out to a very high standard, and I am quite an exacting client!

4. Were you satisfied with the work of the Site foreman and the Project Manager?
   The staff were all very courteous and respectful of my wishes.  The Site Foreman was the most conscientious workman I have known, with real pride in his work.

5. Was the job completed on time?
   The contract ran on a couple of weeks longer than scheduled due to the difficult nature of some of the chosen materials.

6. Would you recommend Avalon and use our services again?
   I have no hesitation in recommending Avalon for any high end refurbishment project.

7. Please give us your general testimonial:
   The end of the project coincided with my holiday, but when I returned to my flat, everything had been beautifully cleaned, the heating was on and I was overjoyed with the result.

    Thank you Miros, Steve, Ned and all who worked at fulfilling my vision.


By Avalon Construction & Design: September 21st, 2016 in category.