Lisa – Ealing, London

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1. Why did you choose Avalon to do this work?
Because they seemed the most professional of builders approached, and had a high rating on Checkatrade.

2. What did you think of our original Quotation and Price?
I thought it was fair compared to the others. Being a landlord, I also appreciated I didn’t have to purchase all the materials, and these were included in the quote.

3. Were you happy with the Quality of the work?
    Yes. It seems to be of a very high standard.

4. Were you satisfied with the work of the Site foreman and the Project Manager?
   Yes. There was good communication throughout, and he was friendly, helpful and always contactable.

5. Were you happy with the staff onsite?
Yes, they seemed very friendly and amenable. All were keen to get the job done right, and asked my opinion on smaller, but important details. they showed initiative when small problems arose.

6. Was the job completed on time?
Yes, far quicker thankfully as I had tenants in the property.

7. Would you recommend Avalon and use our services again?
     Definitely, a fair price, good communication, and excellent quality of work.

8. Please give us your general testimonial:
As a landlord, I wanted a professional company who I could depend on to deliver, but were considerate and polite to my tenants, and understood what needed to be done to enhance and improve the property. I was impressed by their efficiency, friendliness, problem-solving, and standard of work.


By Avalon Construction & Design: September 21st, 2016 in category.