Westfield Road, Reading (Development client)

Project Description

The property consists of nine units (rental apartments). The current apartments configuration appears to be inadequate in terms of size and layouts. This do not fulfill the potential of the property in terms of space and value.

The Client’s requirement is to develop fully the existing potential and maximize the quality, space and value of the property.
At the initial feasibility phase Avalon has developed several combinations with a mix size (one-bed, two-bed, three-bed) apartments to achieve Clients’ requirements and comply with the local and national planning norms and regulations.

The most efficient option would achieve an increase of eight units, or 17 units in total with 70% increased GIA and approximately 110% increase value.
The new layouts have been designed to allow possible future alterations if, or when the market or final user requires it at minimum cost.

From start, the project has been developed with BIM (Building Information Modeling) to ensure full buildability of the options, verify their compliance with the standard and regulations, and manage the cost and time control at every stage.