Avalon Construction & Design is a professional building contractor in London.

3C Blake Mews, Richmond, TW9 3GA

3C Blake Mews
Richmond, TW9 3GA

Tel: 020 8834 7072

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Project Completion – Orlando Rd, Clapham, SW4

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on January 17th, 2018 in category.

– Architectural design and drawings, Planning Permission and Structural design and drawings
– Extending ground floor kitchen
– Waterproof tanking basement and building new downstairs staircase
– Design and create more open and naturally lighted space in the kitchen by side return extension and fully opening the rear wall towards the garden with fully glazed French door, roof light windows and specially designed lightwell and glass tiles to let light into the basement room below
– Design and create a bigger and brighter space in the basement room by rebuilding staircase and creating lightwell glass ceiling tiles to let natural light through the ceiling
– One of the technical difficulties to overcome during the project was the unstable manmade soil which required further excavations, creating a foundation pillar and steel reinforced structural concrete beam for the new side return wall.
– Fitting new kitchen
– Other improvements, repairs & decorating throughout the house


By Avalon Construction & Design: January 17th, 2018 in category.

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