Architectural Design: Clarendon Road, Notting Hill

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Architectural Design: Beginning stage of an Architectural Design project in Notting Hill, including basement construction, and re-designing existing space to achieve lighter, greener, more natural feel space inside and outside, providing art-gallery feel for the much-loved Client’s artwork.

Avalon Construction and Design is more than an ordinary Architectural Design company.

We are a building contractor with 11 years of 100% impeccable reputation, customer-centric client-tailored service, and professional expertise in all construction aspects: Architectural design, Planning, Interior Design, Construction, including basements construction, new builds, specialist bespoke finishes and features, M&E, Audio-Video and Music systems, Smart home automated systems, top quality decorating, and many more. We are a building contractor which adds value to your home or investment property through deep planning knowledge, creative design, experience with historic, traditional and innovative designs and construction methods, knowing the history of the buildings and creating optimised design and space planning.

Avalon works with Developments clients as well as private home owners, helping to get maximum value from their investment through maximising the scope, floor plans, and efficiency of the architectural design and planning process.

Our Architectural design uses 3D BIM technology combined with CGI visuals and laser surveys, adding accuracy and making it incredibly easy for the Client to see their project digitally built with all details and components before the project starts. This eliminates mistakes and improves the efficiency of the construction making it faster and cost efficient.
Our vast portfolio as building contractor includes Renovations, Refurbishments, New Builds, Conversions, Extensions, Basement Constructions as well as Architectural and Planning projects for development clients.

We have proven record of successfully adding value to existing investment opportunities to our clients as well as increasing the value of our private clients homes through Architectural design.

Avalon is an award winning building contractor featured in “Construction top 50 in South West UK” in BUILD magazine, Best Interior design and Defining the world in Build Magazine 2016, and we have been featured on the front cover in Build Magazine in January 2018.
Avalon’s Construction & Design Integrated+ (CDI+) service carries on projects from the initial conception idea to full completion and guarantees top efficiency, cost and time effectiveness and highest quality.

Your best choice for guaranteed, fully insured, bespoke services top quality Building contractor or architectural and planning design is Avalon.

By Avalon Construction & Design: May 19th, 2018 in category.