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…to a row over wallpaper

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on May 17th, 2011 in category.

DECORATING is among the biggest causes of domestic strife, with six in 10 newlyweds arguing over the colour of wallpaper or paint, according to a survey.
One in five co-habiting couples claim to be at odds over their home decor, with only two in five women willing to compromise to keep their partner happy, compared with six in 10 men.
The poll found that one in four women insist on having the final say and 15 per cent of men will not criticise their wife’s tasted, however much they dislike them. Men also hate seeing reminders of their in-laws, with 19 per cent wanting rid of pictures of their wife’s family.
For women, the greatest annoyance is their husband’s games consoles and DVD and CD collections, with 30 per cent wanting them removed.
Judy Smith, a colour consultant for Crown Paint, which carried out the poll, said: “The results show what a strain decorating can put on couples. More ofter than not, both parties will disagree on what the outcome should look like”

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By Avalon Construction & Design: May 17th, 2011 in category.

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