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Switchable Glass

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on October 28th, 2011 in category.

Smart glass, or switchable glass in its application to windows or skylights, refers to electrically switchable glass or glazing which changes light transmission properties when voltage is applied.
Certain types of smart glass can allow users to control the amount of light and heat passing through: with the press of a button, it changes from transparent to translucent, partially blocking light while maintaining a clear view of what lies behind the window. Another type of smart glass can provide privacy at the turn of a switch.
The use of smart glass can save costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting and avoid the cost of installing and maintaining motorized light screens or blinds or curtains.

Smart glass products can replace traditional blind systems that are difficult to clean and can harbor dirt and bugs.

The Smart glass enables you to have privacy at the flick of a switch. This high quality laminated glass product changes state from opaque to transparent when a small electrical current is applied. The double glazed size is designed to for easy fit into a standard double glazing frame.

Smart Glass is commonly used in corporate offices. It is regularly used for interior partitions. In offices the partitions can be switched from clear to opaque when privacy is required. Smart Glass can be used on window displays. Areas can be made private at the touch of a button, such as bathrooms, doors and entrance ways. Switch Glass can be supplied in a comprehensive range of configurations from single to double glazed, curved, fire rated and safety glass. A range of standard controls are available from wall switches to stand alone radio remote controls.

Smart Glass can be applied to sun facing conservatory roofs and sides. This saves the need for expensive roof blinds, reducing heating and cooling energy bills and makes the room more accessible to enjoy and relax.
Smart Glass windows are very strong and durable, making them ideal for use in childrens rooms, overhead glazing sun rooms, conservatories, sports halls and swimming pools etc. Noise protection is also improved when compared with normal insulated glass units.

There are many applications for the switchable glass:

Privacy glass solutions
Smart glass is widely used for internal partitioning and for doors in office buildings due to its ability to interchange between clear and private. Cubicles and offices can provide instant privacy when it is needed.
Projection screens
Smart glass is ideal for this simple but important function
Windows and roof lights
Allowing control over the amount of light and heat entering or leaving a building can substantially reduce a building’s internal climate control expenses.
Solar Control
Architects and engineers can use it to create minimalistic interiors without the need for blinds or exterior solar control systems – creating an adjustable environment without unnecessary clutter.
Hygienic Interiors
It offers superior hygienic properties in comparison to curtains and blinds – especially useful in buildings where hygiene is a major priority such as hospitals and large hospitality establishments
Smart Homes
Advanced home users can utilize Smart glass in a functional and aesthetic manner. Brilliantly sunlit living areas and bathrooms can instantly become private.

• Instant and precise privacy control
• Efficient use of space in the built environment
• Blocks 99.5+% of damaging UV rays
• Eco friendly
• Exceptional optical qualities that reduce glare and eye strain
• High durability, solid-state technology with no moving parts to wear out or break
• Large sizes of many shapes can be produced
• Stable colour characteristics for the life of the unit
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Hygienic and low maintenance
• Enhance corporate image
• Reduce uncomfortable “Gold fish bowl” feeling when working in high-density office buildings
• Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protects valuable artwork
• High UV stability
• Low working voltage
• High contrast for use as rear projection screen

Smart glass can be controlled manually or automatically, automated control can be programmed to switch on or off during certain times of day or the system can be connected to light sensors to activate when a certain level of light is detected. Alternatively it can be programmed to activate with movement sensors. Most ultraviolet light is blocked when Smart glass is opaque, this providing protection against fabric fading and other adverse effects of UV.
Smart Glazing also allows you to control the amount of light, glare and heat entering the room without the need for blinds and curtains. At the same time you can enjoy lower heating and cooling costs, whilst protecting your environment. Also protecting your furnishings from fading due to the sun’s harmful rays. This ability to instantly switch glass to maximise daylight when it is really needed and to provide shading during peak light conditions is unique.

By Avalon Construction & Design: October 28th, 2011 in category.