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See past the empty shell – planning your new room as a whole

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on September 3rd, 2014 in category.

The new bedroom is finally finished. Whether it is an attic conversion or is located over the garage, the new room is currently plaster, walls and a window. It can be hard to visualize the empty space as a room and there are CAD software and Apps available for just this purpose – and some people still use the old school method of the mood board.

Design the room as a whole

It is best to avoid heading straight for the paint and bringing random furniture pieces into the space. The room should be designed as an overall concept – what colour scheme will it have? Existing knowledge should form the basis on which to build. Are furnishings in other parts of the house to be used in the new room, or is everything to be purchased new? What about the overall style – who will the room be for? A teenager’s bedroom, for example, is going to have a much sharper, modern look than a guest room for when family members come to stay, which needs a more neutral colour scheme and traditional design.

Creating a mood board 

A mood board might sound a bit frivolous, but they are actually used by professional designers to convey a design idea and win pitches. The idea is that bringing together textures, images and text, all relating to one particular design theme, on a board helps convey a special mood or feeling, something that can be hard to do with words alone. Inspiration can be gathered from online image galleries or from books and magazines, or photographs taken during trips out and about. Once all the inspirational material has been collected it should be put together to create meaning and a thread throughout that sums up the mood of the desired room – rather like the way a curator puts together an exhibition. A mood board can be a physical board with actual things stuck on it, or it can be created digitally.

Using CAD software

The computer-aided design (CAD) software used by professional architects and interior designers is very expensive to purchase, not to mention technically complicated for the layman. Thankfully, there are some simpler alternatives available for those involved in home decorating projects that can be downloaded for free. Software such as My House and See My Design gives would-be designers a space customised to the dimensions of their own room, showing it with various paint finishes, furniture styles and flooring – and whether the Vi-spring bed they have been dreaming of will actually fit into the room with all the other furniture.

Apps that help visualise an empty space

Those sick of carrying around wallpaper and paint samples should try saving them in the same place they save everything else these days – onto a mobile phone. Many hardware, furniture and paint suppliers are now offering their own applications, similar to home design software, that can be downloaded free onto a smartphone or iPhone to offer everything from home inspiration to colour schemes and floor samples. A colour wheel App can be used to create a personal palette, or a photo of the room can be taken with a phone and the measurements drawn in with a ‘Photo Measure’ App. There are even Apps that will check that something has been hung level.

By Avalon Construction & Design: September 3rd, 2014 in category.