Sound Reduction Explained

By Avalon: November 9th, 2012 in category.

Sound is measured in decibels (Db) … the scale of audible sound from one extreme to the next might be pictorially represented below Sound Reduction Explained It should be made clear that the scale that is used is not linear it is logarithmic. In simplified terms this means that one sound that is 10db louder […]

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Re-opening of West One Bathrooms’ Showroom in Mayfair

By Avalon: November 5th, 2012 in category.

Resulting in probably the best equipped luxury bathroom showroom in Europe, the Mayfair showroom now displays a mixture of classic and contemporary collections in luxurious settings. Principle features in the new area include: •    Lalique Architecture and Home Decoration –  West One Bathrooms Ltd are now an authorised dealer for the complete range of Lalique […]

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