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3C Blake Mews, Richmond, TW9 3GA

3C Blake Mews
Richmond, TW9 3GA

Tel: 020 8834 7072

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Barbara Field – Twickenham, London

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on September 21st, 2016 in category.

I managed to get back from work in time to see Ivo and ‘the boys’ before they left Fieldend on Friday and to thank them for all their work here. They have been really great to have on site.

I also had a short meeting with Derek and was pleased to hear that Practical Completion has now been agreed. I had hoped to be able to meet with you and Derek but unfortunately, this is one of my busiest times of the academic year and I just can’t get away from work – I am sorry. I would however, like to thank you for all your help and co-operation over the summer, which has really helped to ensure that the re-painting has gone smoothly as it has. I think Fieldend is looking really good… if only it would stop raining!

I hope that we will meet again in April but meanwhile my thanks to you and your team.

With my best wishes,

By Avalon Construction & Design: September 21st, 2016 in category.

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