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Construction & Design – Integrated Services

Avalon Construction & Design project is where owner’s vision and desires, designers’ creativity and experience and builders’ quality skills are part of the same process ensuring the project is completed to the best client’s satisfaction.
Our in-house technical team includes Architects, Designers, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors, M&E Engineers, Design Manager working side by side with the Construction team offering integrated services to deliver the highest quality of work with absolute attention to detail.

How we work: transparency of the process

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

We are aware that a private Client, that possibly is living the adventure of building a house for the first time, can be confused by the complexity of the design and procurement processes. We know that some time clients could be overwhelmed by the amount of the information they will require to manage along the way. Sharing information is not enough: we must be sure that the communication has actually taken place.
For this reason, we are working on the first edition of “Avalon Construction & Design Clients Guide” to explain step by step everything about the process.


Avalon Clients Guide

In this guide we will explain everything about the procurement route, the design process, the planning process, compliance with Building Regulations, and anything you need to play an active and informed role while designing and building your home.

This guide will be soon available for free download and It will be a pleasure to provide you with a printed copy of the Guide during your first visit to our office to discuss your project.









What we do: procurement routes


Architecture is not a matter of beautiful drawings. Architecture is about your living space. That is the reason why Architecture (interpreted as Design) and Construction (the act of turning Design into real experiences) should not be separated.

Traditional Tender (TT) can be open, selective and negotiated. It ensures benefits in Cost and Quality at expense of Time. However, thanks to the coordination between Design Team and Construction Team, at Avalon we can improve coordination decreasing time wasting.

Construction Management (CM) gives benefits in Time and Quality at expenses of Cost. However, thanks to Building Information Modeling (BIM), at Avalon we have a better control of costs at any stage.

Design & Build (B&D) is beneficial in terms of cost and time, but it could put quality at risk if there is not a proper Design Management and Coordination. Avalon’s Architecture and Design Management department ensures the highest quality in terms of details, working independently or side by side with the clients’ design team.

Among different procurement routes, probably the most efficient one is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) where Owner, Design Team and Construction team start working together from day one. Avalon is one of the very few construction companies that is able to offer high quality IPD services also for small/medium scale residential project.