Avalon Construction & Design is a professional building contractor in London.

3C Blake Mews, Richmond, TW9 3GA

3C Blake Mews
Richmond, TW9 3GA

Tel: 020 8834 7072

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Project Completion – Beaufort Street, Chelsea, SW3

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on January 18th, 2018 in category.

Complete refurbishment of two bedrooms lower ground floor flat in a typical Victorian house in Chelsea comprising of two designer bathrooms and new kitchen, stone flooring throughout, painting and decorating.




1. Why did you choose Avalon to do this work?

2. What did you think of our original Quotation and Price?

3. Were you happy with the Quality of the work?

4. Were you satisfied with the work of the Site foreman and the Project Manager?
Definitely. Ivan is extremely professional, friendly, organised and helpful.

5. Were you happy with the staff onsite?
Yes, Avalon staff are all very hard-working, punctual and friendly.

6. Was the job completed on time?

7. Would you recommend Avalon and use our services again?

8. Please give us your general testimonial:
I require a very high standard of finish in building and decorating works, which Avalon understand and execute.

By Avalon Construction & Design: January 18th, 2018 in category.

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