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Types of Windows

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on June 20th, 2012 in category.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the different types, which details the windows various benefits and flaws.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open only slightly from below and are designed to provide light and breeze. They’re great for bedrooms and other areas that need to maintain privacy but still let some light in. The way that they let air in from the bottom, means that you can open them when it is raining without the fear of letting water in. They can be positioned in a variety of places: next to other windows, arranged in columns, or placed above large patio doors to create a wall of light and fresh air.
If you’re installing an awning high up, consider self-cleaning glass for the exterior surface. Otherwise, cleaning is a tougher task.


Bay Windows

These are windows that are positioned together to create multiple views. Their multiple views allow light to stream in from different angles, presenting a light and airy effect. Bay windows come in 30-degree and 45-degree combinations.
The windows can typically be opened slightly at the sides for air circulation. Replacing a flat window with a bay can completely change the amount of light that room receives.
These windows are excellent for creating the illusion of a larger room, and will give you extra window sill space as they go outwards from your house. To create the desired effect they should only really be introduced to a relatively large wall. This type of window can deliver a very traditional or Victorian look.


Casement Windows

These outward opening windows are excellent for introducing fresh air into your home. They are easy to insulate as they can be tightly sealed, and are one of the best windows for an eco-conscious home. The windows push open, which increases their ease of use.

If you’re moving into an older home, check on the stability of your casement hinges and hardware. Though casements are usually tough to break into, faulty or rusty hardware increases your risk factor.





Double Hung Windows

These windows are excellent for ventilating your home and are easy to maintenance. They can be made to have only half of the window open at one time. If you are worried about your children around windows, you can just open the top windows that are out of their reach instead.

They are absolutely perfect for a child’s bedroom, but they can be placed in whichever room of the house that you like them to go in. They are really adaptable. The problem with their great features is that they aren’t the best insulating windows. Double hung windows tend to leak more air than other windows. Only half of this window opens up, whereas different types can open completely.


Hopper Windows

These windows are most popular for the lower levels of your home, most often are installed in basements. The hopper window is basically a casement window flipped on its side.

These windows tilt into your property, which provides fantastic ventilation
Because they tilt into the room, blinds, shades and other window dressings are difficult to use in conjunction with hopper windows. Also this opening can be problematic if your window is open and there is a sudden downpour of rain, as it will be able to flow very freely into your home.

Jalousie Windows

The Jalousie Windows are made of glass tiles that are held with metal clips. Each of these tiles can be opened and closed together, which can control the amount of sunlight and air that penetrates a room.

They are also called a louvered window. This type of window is manually rotated to open or close the overlapping panels as required, and can be opened by degrees to control how much air or light passes through. Jalousie windows are best suited for areas with year-round comfortable climates. They help cool a home.

Jalousie widows are not airtight enough, trying to attach sealant strips would probably do nothing except ruin the look of your windows.

Picture Windows

These windows can’t be opened, and as their name suggests, they are simply there to look at. They can let in a generous amount of light and can be placed next to various other styles of window.
They can also be made in a variety of different shapes, as these will only be set in a wall and will never need to be opened. So if you like the idea of a porthole, these windows could be for you. Obviously, the inability to open the window also means that it won’t provide any ventilation to a room.

Sliding Windows

They offer a clean, contemporary look and work well in a variety of settings. These windows are typically used on patio doors as they can provide an airy feeling to a room. As these windows never leave their frame to open, they have a reduced risk of breaking.
They are also a relatively cheap choice for your home, they come in a variety of sizes to fit most installation needs. These sliding windows are typically ceiling to floor, so obviously aren’t for use on higher floors of your home. They can also be quite dangerous around children, as fingers can easily get caught in the doors. If you do invest in some of these, locking them would be recommended for when they are not in use.

Rotating windows
Rotating windows are windows that can open and rotate by pivoting on a central connection point. These windows allow for good ventilation, reflective coating can be applied to manipulate the sun’s heat. They and are easy to clean due to both sides of the window being easily accessible.

By Avalon Construction & Design: June 20th, 2012 in category.

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