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Glass Radiators

Posted By Avalon Construction & Design on October 17th, 2011 in category.

Heated glass radiators are used as a supplementary heat source for rooms where the glass area is not large enough to heat the room. As well as an excellent source of heat, they are slick and aesthetically pleasing.
These products are designed to transform the classic radiator to a picture on the wall with the special decoration.

Benefits include
– Energy Efficient –     Reduce your energy use design a sustainable interior.
– Impact –                    Challenge convention with amazingly designed products.
– Healthier Heating – Radiant heat creates no drafts and has proven health benefits.
– Save on Space –     Slimline radiators fitting flush to the wall.
– Low Maintenance – Double glazing that eliminates the need for a conventional heating system.

The non-controllable radiators are set to a temperature at the factory and are either on or off and run at 65°C which is the same as a normal household radiator.
Solaris Electric Radiators have an unprecedented level of radiation. Heat is diffused uniformly from floor to ceiling. The temperature can be adjusted by a programmable thermostat which helps you to save energy and money. The controllable radiators work off a temperature controller which would be situated in a room and the temperature required for the room would be set on the controller. The controller can control up to 50 radiators in one area up to around 20 meters away.

The glass panes are held together through the PVB foil between the panes even if the glass breaks. Furthermore the breakage cuts off the conductive layer on the glass and thereby the electric circuit.

There are glass radiators that can be plumbed in to a normal Central heating system. Even you can design your own glass radiators and then plumb them in! if you cannot find a design you like you can design your own. The front panels are removable so you can have a different design every week.

The philosophy is good design comes from form combined with excellent function. Frameless glass design available in different colours. These high-quality products are intended mainly for the heating of modern interiors and areas where great emphasis is laid on design purity and functionality. The heat radiated from these panels is very pleasant and natural.

An efficient and economic heating solution for rooms up to 25 sqm. Easy to install on walls and ceilings. Ideal for lounges, bedrooms and bathrooms.

By Avalon Construction & Design: October 17th, 2011 in category.

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